Q & A

What is the Jewellery made out of?

All jewellery is made mostly out of Stainless steel so that you can wear it to your hearts desire! We do have a few items that are made out of Titanium steel which provide the same qualities as Stainless steel, however it is stronger


Will it tarnish?

No it won't! The best thing about Titanium and Stainless steel, is that it does not tarnish so you can wear it in any weather.


Will the Jewellery stay shiny?

Like all jewellery over time it does become dull because of dirt. Simply wash it in a bowl of water with dish washing soap or baking soda and it will appear as good as new!


How do I work out my best fit?

Select the link below to see the current size guide. If you would like to talk to someone to get a second opinion please email info@zingaramode.com

Size Guide


How long does it take to ship an item out?

It takes about 1-2 business days for your order to be processed. If there as to why it would take longer, you will receive an email advising you about the delay and by how long.


How much is it for shipping?

Clink on the link below to find out more about shipping to your location

Shipping Details


How do I return an item?

Follow the link below to find out more about how to return an item and our refund policy.

Returns and Refunds


What is the Privacy Policy?

To find out more about Zingara Mode's privacy policy and what you can do, select the link below.

Privacy Policy


What does Zingara mode do to help the environment?

This brand prides itself on making as many environmental elements to be built into our production process. Beginning from the manufacturer and never completely ending, but being paid forward to make one small difference for a better future!

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If you have any additional questions or would like to reach out click on the link below or email: info@zingaramode.com