The Brand and the Mission

About Z.m

Zingara Mode is a small business that creates jewellery pieces that are for everyone with a bit of a unique twist. Each piece is hand picked and custom designed to be a little different from the 'now' trend. Still keeping within a similar aesthetic, however listening to what people want and creating those items that aren't always found on every site.

Our designs are created by combining a European style with Bohemian designs and symbols. As the brand grows, we will be able to expand our collection and showcase our full potential!

Now why would we make another jewellery brand, what is the point?     Jewellery is seen as a form of self expression for everyone! As a human race we use it to express our culture, our beliefs, our style, our voice and who we are as a person. This brand is here so that the loudest and quietest person can find something, just one item that screams THEM!

As a brand we promise to provide high quality items for an affordable price. So you can buy what ever pieces you want without breaking the bank. We also strive to make as many elements of our production and delivery as sustainable as possible.

The Environment

Our Earth is changing every day sometimes the good, but sadly more often not. Doing something small will create a big difference in the long run.

Zingara Mode promises to create as many environmentally friendly choices for the brand as a whole. These aspects range from what our manufacturer does to help the environment, all the way down to using recycled paper for our packaging and cards.

For the future of the brand, we aim to have a big enough platform of customers to be able to donate money towards different animal donations and charities. We see that the animals of the world need our help more than ever and we want to do everything that we can to support them.


To find out more about what we do for the environment click on the link below and thank you for showing interest in Zingara Mode!

Making a better Earth!